Marisa Okano


My clever content and data-driven strategy will help you crush benchmarks. See some sample posts I've written for Rolling Stone, Yahoo, NBCUniversal and Fandango here.


More impressions, likes, views, subscribes. Your clients need more of 'em, and they needed 'em yesterday. 

The only reliable way to win eyeballs and keep them is with quality content. And lots of it. 

Good content is cognizant of the trends, but isn't a slave to them.

Yes, it's tempting to put your own spin on the meme or hashtag du jour.

But hijacking a trend without a grasp of nuance can have embarrassing consequences for your brand (see: @BrandsSayingBae).

The social web is an inside joke that everyone has a shot to get in on. 

And sometimes it takes a full-fledged Internet addiction to join the club. 

Great news, though: I'm happy to keep mine up for you (and crank out the content to show for it). 😉

Working in fast-paced, high-volume newsroom and agency environments has made me a machine for high-impact posts with low amounts of time and resources.

A digital marketing education is never finished, so my ongoing investments in a variety of courses allow for an informed approach to strategy.

Below are some brands I've  consulted and created for. 


Here's what I can help you with. 




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